Alabama Task Force 1

Below you can find the information for the K9 testing in Virginia Beach and the application. The first 2 are the application and information and below is the link for payment.


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Type 3 team for hurricane Laura 8/2020
Hurricane Laura Convoy
Here you see our team conducting training on our rubble pile
Structural collapse training

Who we are:

The Alabama Task Force 1 team is comprised of Search and Rescue Specialist, K-9 Teams, Structural Engineers, Trauma Doctors and Nurses, Equipment Operators, Logistic Specialist, and other Command and Support personnel.

What we do:

Alabama Task Force 1 can be deployed to all 50 states, and can respond to a number of emergencies, such as: Structural Collapse, Swift Water Rescue, Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Hazardous Material, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

With Alabama's frequent hurricane encounters it was determined that more US&R teams were needed in the Gulf Coast Region. To meet this need,Alabama Task Force 1 was formed in October of 2001. It provided Alabamawith a much needed US&R team, and Mobile's location on the Central GulfCoast provides an ideal location that ensures a quick response to any emergency situation that may arise in this area. Alabama Task Force 1 is sponsored by the Mobile Fire Department, and the State of Alabama. Funding also comes from the Office of Domestic Preparedness and the State Homeland Security office. Currently the Task Force is a Type I State US&R team, and has been accredited though EMAP.

Our Mission:

“To provide levels of excellence in emergency, prevention, education, and community services to minimize loss of life and property damage due to fire, medical, and other emergencies in an efficient, professional, and fiscally responsible manner.”


Alabama Task Force One holds annual recruitment in the fall. Our next open enrollment will be September 2020. However, if you are a Doctor, Structural Engineer, or Nurse and would like to request more information. Please complete the form below.